Cast into the rain

Chickadees, the long weekends speed by.

If only Monday-Wednesday could move at the same pace, we’d be to the weekend in no time.

In any case, I spent the weekend eating, visiting, tasting wedding cakes (the verdict: they’re all pretty much delicious), and bringing home my very first wedding gift, which included knives, a shiny new Kitchen-Aid mixer, and…a cleaver.

Too bad I hadn’t waited a month or so on that duck.

Now I feel like I should do it again- a cleaver must be a much less traumatic beheading tool.

Please ignore me when I say things like that.

In any case, I am now downing coffee and readying myself to get back out in the rain (which apparently has no plans to stop anytime soon), which means finding an umbrella.

The last time I needed an umbrella, just a week or so ago, I got downstairs with it only to realize that it was, like most other umbrellas I’ve encountered in my life, broken.

Flustered, I simply put up my hood.

And for some reason, stashed my umbrella in the mailbox.

I didn’t give it another thought, until I got home from work and JW asked me if I had any idea why there might be an umbrella in the mailbox.

“It was broken” seemed a logical explanation, but even more logical was JW’s thought that I could have perhaps taken five extra steps to actually put the umbrella in the trash can.

Live and learn chickadees.

Now I’m off to find myself a (hopefully) working umbrella.

Happy Monday, chickens!


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