Rainy days, sports, and, a new device.

Well, at least it’s warmed up slightly, right?

And guess who left her umbrella at work again?

Sometimes I don’t think it’s safe for me to be out there, living amongst the responsible adults.

JW told me that the weather’s looking to clear up by Saturday though, so I’ll cross my fingers, and try to remember that umbrella.

Yesterday I was entrenched by Chicago sports, watching part of the Bulls’ game (great job guys!), walking by Wrigley Field (where I see that they have gone back to displaying the inning and score on the board, which is great, except when we’re losing, which seems to be a lot lately), and then headed home to try and keep my eyes open for the Hawks game, at which I failed miserably.

Sorry guys. And sorry about the loss.

We’re now down to two sports I need to be paying attention to.

In addition yesterday, I received my new iPad, courtesy of my place of business. I headed straight to the Apple Store after work, picked up a new cover (which I promptly got some kind of mark on, but JW assured me, reminding me that maybe that’s what a cover is for. He’s so accommodating when it comes to my clumsiness) and then took the iPad home to my Mac to set it up.

When I tried to set it up on my work laptop, the antiquated computer insisted that the iPad was actually a camera, and refused to open iTunes. Bummer.

Mine is of the black variety. I am in love.

So far I’ve used my iPad to hook up to all my e-mail addresses, download some new books (none of the paid variety yet, but I’ll get to that, and anyway, I’ve been meaning to pick up Anna Karenina, right?), download Angry Birds (c’mon, that’s a given) and sync my two Apple products together, which means all my music and my pictures now live on two of my devices.

Things are going swimmingly, and I’m in love with my little machine. So in love with it that I am leaving it home today, so I don’t ruin it in the rain.

Too bad library books, you don’t get the same treatment.

But I promise to get you home to your drop box safely.

Have a good one chickadees!


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One response to “Rainy days, sports, and, a new device.

  1. I’m so excited about the Bulls. SO excited!

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