Loser like me.

Ok, more rain is on the way.

How this can possibly be, I’m not sure, but I NPR has promised me sunshine tomorrow and I am holding them to it.

Don’t let me down, public radio.

Yesterday I headed to the gym and forced myself to run some cycles, jogging and sprinting through 2.5 miles.

I’m pretty sure the thumping sound that me sprinting on the treadmill makes was alarming those around me, but I just turned on my music and powered through.

In addition, in my last minute on the treadmill, Glee’s “Loser Like Me” came on, and I got a little bit excited.

So excited that I somehow knocked my iPod off of the treadmill, and it flew behind me, just missing the man next to me.

In true I.am.a.weirdo form, I decided that instead of hopping off the treadmill to pick up the fallen device, I’d simply finish up and then grab it.

Which caused the man next to me to stare pointedly at my now-a-weapon iPod.

At least I didn’t take him out.

I’m in a weird, untamed running space at the moment, as the things I have lined up in the next month are a couple of 5k races, and nothing longer than 3.5 miles until the middle of July, when I’ve scheduled myself to run the new 8k distance in the Bastille Day race with my bff JD.

This means that for the moment, I’m simply making up workouts and seeing if perhaps I can make my short legs go short distances a little bit faster. Other than that, I’m struggling with a good plan to rid me of stress and keep me from ending up on a TLC special about super morbid obesity.

I’m feeling dramatic this morning.

And now, to get out there before the rain starts again.

I may have left my last umbrella at work.


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One response to “Loser like me.

  1. Sunshine? I don’t believe it. Really. I don’t.

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