Sunshine-y day.

A few thoughts from the homestead on this day, and the weekend, and the sunshine:

1. I have never been so happy to see the sun. Even on my way to swim this morning, I could tell I wouldn’t need my umbrella, which coincidentally, I finally got back to my house.

Not complaining about its idleness.

I can’t wait to break out my sunglasses.

2. Last night, I headed to the gym to run, although I could feel it in my bones that I was actually highly uninterested in going. I was getting dressed, and realized that I forgot to bring a shirt. Not willing to give up at this late stage in the game, I improvised, wearing the white shirt that I had worn to work, and got upstairs before noticing it was see through without its previously worn-with camisole.

I decided I didn’t care.

Two Y-patron men opened doors for me.

Probably a coincidence.

3. Yesterday all of my books from the CPL came in at once, which means that I had to pick up seven of them after work. I have decided that when picking up your seven book haul at the library, it is best to smile and just fill up your backpack, purse, and arms with a bunch of things that are never making it back in three weeks. It is also important to shrug off the weird look the librarian is giving you, because actually, isn’t loving books in bulk part of her job description?

4. I’m blogging early this morning because despite all you cool kids hating on the Royal wedding, I have never been a cool kid and I simply must get a better look at that wedding dress.

It’s a historical event. I’m writing it off as part of my interest in history, not my interest in weddings and other people’s business, thank you very much.

Enjoy the sunshine chickadees, and the weekend!


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