Working for the weekend.

Sunshine again, chickadees.

And yet for some reason, I couldn’t drag my sorry self out of bed to report to the pool.

And last night, my plans to run were thwarted by my inability to walk without feeling the pain of kettlebell with every step.

Mostly, I think I’ve just been punking out.

I’ll get back at it tomorrow.

This week I’m focusing on Friday afternoon, when I’m flying out to NYC with JD and MC to spend some quality time with our pal CM.

We met in Rome when we were studying abroad. The rules are that if you do this you are friends for life, even if you decide to move your fabulous self to New York City.

In addition, I have plans to catch another Roman friend (this one hailing from Texas) for drinks tomorrow night, which basically means I’ll be spending the next six days in a boozy haze of reminiscing and laughing my head off.

Here we are, pausing for a second to snap a picture in 2004.

Sorry girls, but we were 20, and too busy having a great time to pose for any glamour shots. This is the best I could do.

In any case, I’m looking forward to a May weekend in New York City, as I am generally there when it is either freezing or otherwise so hot that the city smells like trash.

They don’t have alleys in New York, you see.

It’s a bone I have to pick with them.

And now, I’m off to get at it for the next eight hours. Wish me luck, and have a good day chicks!



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3 responses to “Working for the weekend.

  1. I’ve been punking out, too.


    Trying to fix that one tonight…

  2. Raechel

    we were so flipping young in that photo.

  3. karla

    soooooo young! ha ha ha

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