Go your own way

This week seriously doesn’t have enough hours in it for my liking. Doesn’t it understand that I have very.important.items to cross off my list, such as getting my hair cut and finding new shoes and grabbing happy hour drinks and also maybe at some point working out because I’ve been stress eating gummy rattlesnakes at my desk again?

Like I said, important stuff going on here, chicks.

I’ll get to it all, I am sure.

Although it seems like hitting the gym is taking a serious backseat. I’m trying to preach balance to myself, but really, taking off more than two days makes me feel pretty much like the world’s biggest slug.

This might have something to do with all those rattlesnakes.

But it will have to do for this week, anyway.

Last night, after getting my hair cut and highlighted, thus bringing it back from a very bad, overgrown place, I settled into the newest episode of Glee.

And then immediately downloaded Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, which I now plan on listening to on repeat for the next six weeks.

No one can stop me, so don’t even try. This is pretty much the.best.album.ever, and I am only sorry that it took the Glee kids to remind me.

I’m not really that sorry though. Glee is pretty much the best.

And with that, I leave you with this:


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