Okay, chicks, I’m headed straight into the end of my week, with a day off hanging in front of me.

And with leftover enchiladas for lunch. This is a good start to things, I think.

And still I have a million items to complete, including getting through work, attending a happy hour, whipping my home into some semblance of order, packing, crafting the best 5k playlist ever, and waiting for my baby sister to get into town.

Perhaps “semblance of order” can be skipped at this point- maybe I can just turn the lights low and hope no one notices the dust.

This morning, I woke up to the sound of JW scurrying around, then heading downstairs to grab the paper.

Except he didn’t come back.

When I rolled over, I noticed it was only 5:00 AM.

Which meant he was running.

Cue the rain.

I decided to go back to sleep, but woke up yet another work related dream, so I hustled myself out of bed and spent the morning doing a little Shredding.

Not quite the swim I’d wanted to do, but hey, something’s better than nothing, right?

Plus, I could use the strength training- I love nothing more than avoiding that.

And now I’m off to run around in the hopes of getting to work in time for my 9:00 AM meeting.

Please tell me why people schedule 9:00 AM meetings.

I’ll never find an answer good enough.


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  1. 9:00 meetings are only acceptable if there’s food involved. This includes AM and PM. However, if it’s PM, alcohol may also need to be included…

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