Throwback tunes and other items.

Morning chicks!

Sorry for the extended absence, but I’ve been in Waterloo, taking care of a few things.

Some notes on what’s been happening during the past three days:

1. Jennie and I finished our first 5k together! In the blinding, driving rain. And the 45 degree weather. It wasn’t pretty- but we finished it! We have the windburn to show for it. You can read more about it over here. It was totally awesome even though it was also sort of miserable, and I look forward to the next one (that’s right, sis, there’s gonna be a next one).

We're looking a little glisten-y in this one. Which is better than how we looked post race. Which was like drowned rats.

2. This weekend, we hauled all of our worldly possessions down from the attic and took a look at what we could get rid of–which seemed to be most of it. It turns out that I thought it would be necessary to save every last thing I owned when I left for college, including opened chapsticks and unopened candy.

Gross, Nikki.

The best find though, was our cache of high school CDs, so last night, JP and I spent the evening hunkering down and uploading CDs to our iTunes. We’ve stumbled upon gems such as N’SYNC, Big Willie Style, and of course, a multitude of Dave Matthews’ Band CDs.

Among the scarier discs are some Christian rock albums from JP’s “I love the Lord” (her words, not mine) period, and some crazy heavy metal ones from another strange musical period in her life.

I mostly just listened to my Lilith Fair medleys. Say what you will about that.

3. My dad finished college! Unfortunately, his graduation was canceled due to a strange norovirus that almost 200 of his classmates came down with, but we celebrated with friends and cake and food anyway.

That’s the best part, anyway.

The best part of any party.

4. Today is my BFF JD’s birthday. Happy birthday JD! Her birthday usually involves a night of intense celebrating, followed by a “bye” year due to said excessive celebrating. Her birthday gives us spring fever. It’s not an off year for this one though, so we’ll have to get up to some mischief in its honor eventually. Stay tuned.

BFFs for life. Happy birthday!

5. What the hell is going on with this weather? I leave for three freaking days and it’s Winter: Round 3294. It is MID MAY CHICAGO, GET IT TOGETHER.

Sorry, someone had to say it.

I refuse to pull out any more coats.

I’d rather freeze.

I’ll probably reconsider later.

Okay, chickadees, I’m off to get back into my cubicle for the week, have a great start to your week!


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One response to “Throwback tunes and other items.

  1. I am going to Vegas on Friday and may refuse to return until Chicago weather gets it’s act together. Seriously.

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