All things in balance.

Last night Ky and I met to eat a dinner that wasn’t full of empty carbs (my favorite kind, I’m afraid) and to try out a new yoga DVD.

Check and check!

The yoga DVD was definitely Jillian Michaels style, which meant not so much holding poses as doing reps with them, but that was perfect for my cardio focused mind.

And then she tried to make Ky and I do this:

It’s called camel pose.

I can only do it for a grand total of three seconds before collapsing onto myself.

Obviously, I’ve got some work to do.

Post feeling the burn (and the streeetcchhh in my bones), Ky and I set to the tofu stir fry we were making up as we went.

Our favorite style of cooking.

After initially decided not even to have a carb at all, we realized that this was a terrible idea, and decided no harm could be done with a normal portion of brown rice noodles.

It was a good call.

We started with ginger and garlic. And oil, of course.

Then we added peppers and onions to the mix.

Then we threw in some bok choy. It was a delicious choice.

After letting all that greatness cook for awhile, we added in the tofu, green onions, and carrot ribbons.

At this point we also made a sauce, which no one snapped a picture of, but it involved soy sauce, siracha, red chile paste, and some cornstarch. It was spicy and perfect. And much better than our usual method.

We thought sesame seeds might be fun, so we toasted them up (these suckers are done fast!) and then sprinkled them on top.

Bad lighting, but this is the finished product, with a side of edamame.

The verdict: This is delicious. You should do it. Sesame seeds are delightful. Tofu’s not so bad.

That is my stream of conscious opinion, anyway.

I will admit to you though, that we ended the night with a piece of leftover cake and some trashy TV.

It’s how things had to be.

Luckily, I didn’t miss my alarm this morning, and ran four miles before the day really even started.

Take that, buttercream frosting.



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2 responses to “All things in balance.

  1. Yep- Jillian’s yoga is more my speed. My body doesn’t understand meditation- only the stretching aspect.

  2. sorellaaglio

    I love camel. It is one of my favorites. I am glad you found some yoga that is your speed, but I can’t help it if I love a good 30 second stretch…

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