Bending over backwards.

So last night, Ky and I decided to give the yoga another go. My arms were already pretty tired, due to the swimming that I’d forced on them that morning, but I was ready to give it a try anyway.

When the time came to try camel pose, I took a deep breath and leaned back, hoping for the best.

And the best isn’t much in terms of camel poses around here, chickadees.

As a reminder, this is what it’s supposed to look like:

Also, please remember that on  Tuesday I was able to hold the pose for three seconds before collapsing into a heap.

Today, things went a little better. I held the pose the same amount of time as Jillian, even when my arms were screaming.

I made Ky take a picture of my final attempt:

Obviously, I have a lot of work to do here, but the point is, at least I can grab my ankles.

In fact, it kind of looks like I’m about to fall over.

Which I was.

Which I did, as soon as the picture was snapped.

Good thing I have no shame, which means I’ll keep trying, and keep embarrassing myself through photos on my blog.

Keep your fingers crossed for me chicks. This yoga thing is kind of rough.


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One response to “Bending over backwards.

  1. sorellaaglio

    YAY 🙂

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