Chaturanga and other oddities.

So, chicks, we’re four months from the Day.

Also, I have a dress fitting appointment that’s rapidly approaching.

Which means I spent both last night and this morning at the Y, first running a few miles to make sure I’m ready for my 3.5 mile race this week, and then swimming this morning because I think my arms and shoulders are probably the Thing.

And by the Thing, I mean what I’m focusing on for the moment, as they will be showcased in a dress which turned out to be strapless even though that was not my intention.

Anyway, so it’s the arms and the shoulders.

As Gene, Russian kettlebell guru, told me this weekend, “The triceps must be sexy for summer. And dresses.” He then touched my not so sexy tricep, and I resisted the urge to launch my kettlebell at him.

Instead, I conceded that he was right and kept lunging and curling.

Tonight, Ky and I work it out to a little Yoga meltdown- my goal is to do the whole DVD without a meltdown of my own.

Wish me luck.

And please explain to me how my arms are supposed to handle this one:

Thanks for your input. Mostly I just fall on the ground and whimper during this part.



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3 responses to “Chaturanga and other oddities.

  1. sorellaaglio

    I can do that. You can do it! It’s so good for your arms, they’ll be sexy by July!

  2. lauren

    exhale as you lower- belly button pulls into spine and tailbone tucks towards your toes- this makes your abs strong. Hug your elbows so hard into your rib cage that they almost support your body. Only lower until your arms align with your ribcage and then flip your toes to push through for upward dog! bend your elbows to roll your shoulders back! yeahhhhhh!! you can do it!

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