Hey there, chickadees.

I’m up early in my neck of the woods, getting ready for a long work meeting today.

This means I haven’t yet had any breakfast.

Which means I’m liable to be useless until this meeting starts.

I stayed up later than I anticipated last night, hoping the Bulls would get themselves together and wipe that smile off Lebron’s face.

Apparently though, that was not in the plans.

Oh well.

Last night Ky and I pulled out the yoga dvd, and posed our way into sore muscles.

At one point during the move below, I actually tipped over and landed with a thud.

It wasn’t so much the above position as it was the rotating down and then switching sides.

Not my finest moment in coordination, and I think maybe my way of my arms telling me they’ve just about had it.

Thus, I have dubbed today Rest Day, and will operate as such.

Don’t get too comfortable though, shoulders. I’m coming for you.

Up tonight: NOT heading to the Y, finding out if I’ve let my avocado go past the point of no return, and checking out the Glee season finale.

Please, keep your thoughts on my singing teens to yourself, as I have yet to lay my eyes on the episode.

And now, I’m off to my cube a bit early on this cloudy, potentially stormy day.

Have a good one chickadees.



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3 responses to “taking.a.break

  1. Ok, so I should probably catch up on your progress with this one, but have you mastered the crow yet? There were a couple times I came ridiculously close to breaking my nose…

  2. Crow is the position she saw me doing and declared that was crazy. So, no. She’ll get there!

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