cheering at the underpass

Last night was another cold, crowded race for yours truly.

Even the free beer and burgers post race couldn’t keep me in the tent for longer than 20 minutes post crossing the finish line.

However, after a Spring of difficult race conditions, I would have to say that the lack of rain kept things more than bearable.

In honor of my race last night (in which 20,000 or so runners participated), I have a few tips for those of you getting ready for a major race:

1. If you’re planning on walking from the get-go (as in, you’re actually a walker in the race, which is fine), please, dear God, start toward the back of the pack. No one wants to be slowed down by you, and even more importantly, no one wants to bowl into you and take down half of Chicago in a domino effect collision.

2. Keep your elbows in, and try not to splay your legs all over the place. Somehow, I nearly got hooked underneath someone’s foot last night, because his running stride somehow consisted of kicking out his legs to the side, and then moving forward. That could have been a disaster.

3.We all know it’s crowded. The first mile is going to be slow. Relax, use it as a warm up, and look for openings in the mass.

4. When you’re at a water station, it is customary to slow down to a walking pace while grabbing/drinking your water. If you don’t want to stop, run on without water. Grabbing your cup at full speed and then tossing it onto the nearest runner does not make you look cool.

5. It is customary to yell out cheers of encouragement under overpasses. I don’t know why, but it just is. Go with it.

6. After you hit the finish line, keep moving. Otherwise your legs will probably seize up, and you’ll feel less excited that you’ve finished, and more concerned instead that you’re about to hit the deck.

I love a race, my friends, and I’m glad that the season is totally underway. I’ve got nothing planned for June though, so someone please let me know if there are any good Chicago races going on–maybe it will warm up and the sun will come out!

And now, chickadees, I’m off for my last day of work in what I imagine will be a cubicle ghost town before sliding into the long weekend! Have a good one!


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