all i want to do is have some fun

And just like that, it’s Tuesday.

And what a lovely, lovely weekend it was.

Totally worth every beer and picnic food I consumed this weekend.

Which is what I tried to tell the Y scale this morning, when it was, I think, trying to infer I should lay off the ribs and summer ale.

I’m hoping my long swim made a dent in all the Memorial Day eating I did the past couple of days.

Somehow, I doubt it, but a girl can dream, right?

The weather’s changed to warm and leafy green around here, which is a drastic change from Friday’s do-I-maybe-need-a-winter-coat-absolutely-not situation.

I have my limits. I’d rather freeze than give into Chicago’s fickle weather.

And now that summer’s decided to hit the on switch, I’m officially ready for festivals, hanging out in parks, the farmer’s market, and in general not being cooped up in my apartment.

But first, it’s time to buck up, eat all the leftover salads in my fridge, and spend some time behind some walls in my cubicle for the next eight hours or so.

And then I’m taking up residence on my deck with my library books.

Enjoy this beautiful day, chickadees!


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One response to “all i want to do is have some fun

  1. I can’t hardly wait for the street fests!!!!

    I will also be refusing to break out the coat any more this season. And that is that.

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