For the birds.

Happy Friday chickadees!

I woke up this morning with the intention of taking a run outside before it got too hot outside.

However, when the alarm went off, and I stepped into the bathroom to look at the mirror, things got scary.

My right eye seemed to be an alarming shade of red, for reasons I can still not discern.

Recently I found myself in a similar situation, except that the cause of that red eyed morning was that I had somehow fallen asleep in my contacts. That time, I had trekked on without contacts or glasses, listening to my iPod and basically running around Chicago deaf and blind.

Not my best idea.

So this morning, instead, I settled for nearly four miles of running/walking at the gym and called it a day.

I think it was probably the right decision.

When I came home, eye less red, I took a glimpse outside at my deck, where we recently put up a bird feeder, and I was welcomed to a somewhat alarming sight.

Apparently birds are not a species who value cleanliness.

Or moderation.

The deck is littered in bird feed, as there appears to be something in the mix they’re not into (well, this is not a restaurant, says my mom’s voice in my head), and on top of that, although JW filled the feeder just yesterday, (it was like an Alfred Hitchcock movie out there, he told me) this was the scene:

I tried to get a picture of the gang of birds that hangs out here, but apparently they’re camera shy.

Or maybe ashamed of how much they’ve been chowing down on.

I doubt that though.

In any case, it looks like a thorough cleaning of the area will have to take place this weekend.

If I can get those birds to take a break, that is.

I’ve seen the Birds too many times to venture out during feeding time.



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