I want to go to there.

And just like that, we’re through another weekend.


I’ll take it though, since it was so full of activity that I didn’t even get to sleep past 7:30.

Last night I finished the evening off by playing some soccer (and winnnninng!) and then enjoying some homemade pizza with JW while watching the Heat cruise to victory again.

C’mooon, Mavs, you’re killing me.

Up this week: more running, more swimming, Tina Fey’s Bossypants (thank you, thank you, thank you CPL!), and trying to cook some things, instead of eating re-heated, slightly old leftover picnic foods and trying to pass them off as actual meals (frozen chicken-less nuggets and un-dressed coleslaw for lunch? No thank you).

I’m getting all kinds of ambitious here, chickadees.

Also, looking forward to a week that ends in a trip to Ravinia (if you live in the Chicago-ish area and have not been, shame on you and get to it adesso, thanks very much) and perhaps another generous helping of sweet tea vodka.

That’s the drink of summer, I proclaim it.

Get on board.

And now, it’s off to a morning full of meetings and apparently, another round of hot summer weather and another storm or two.

I will take all of this, complaint free.

Have a good Monday, chicks!


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One response to “I want to go to there.

  1. Ravinia! That place is so much fun… I want to go see another show there at some point this summer… and drink lots and lots of wine… yessss

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