making it up.

You guys, it’s so freaking hot out there.

I might take up residence in the Y pool until further notice.

Please come get me when it dips below 70.

We’ve officially turned on our air conditioning full blast and full time, since there are really no other options besides sweating to death, and really, that’s not much of an option.

This morning I woke myself out of an antihistamine-induced sleep to crawl to the gym and get in a run.

I passed a couple of people jogging outside, and while I commend their courage, I also couldn’t imagine sweating that much.

There’s nothing like an air-conditioned gym, friends.

I pounded out a run/walk that lasted for about 4.5 miles, and pushed myself into near exhaustion, as I’m trying a new training plan.

That I made up myself.

Basically, I’m racing at a much faster pace than I’m training at, so I suspect I’m lazy when I train.

I’m cruise controlling.

In my revised training plan, I’m forcing myself to run at just a touch slower than my race pace until I simply cannot anymore.

Then I walk for a couple minutes and restart.

I’m not exactly sure what I’m hoping to accomplish here, but I think it involves getting my body used to training at something closer to my actual speed.

So far, so good- I’ll keep you guys posted on this little experiment.

When I came home from the gym this morning, I spied a hungry flock of birds hanging out on my deck, chattering in my general direction.

Unfortunately, the little gluttons have managed to finish all of my birdseed in just under a week and a half, and so they’re out of luck until I find time to pick some up.

Is it weird that I’m starting to feel badly that they’ll be hungry until the weekend?

JW patiently reminded me that they are actually wild birds, capable of looking for their own food, but they look a little forlorn this morning.

I suspect I’ll be inviting them in for breakfast by next week.

I can’t have the urban wildlife turning on me.



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2 responses to “making it up.

  1. I feel your pain. I’m also a Chicago resident and decided to push myself out of my comfort zone by going for a run yesterday evening. It was pretty brutal, but I managed to churn out 4 miles. Then I thought, I’m paying for a gym membership, right? I might as well use it.

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