on the safe side.

Ah, chickadees.

My apologies for the absence.

After a fun weekend of Ravinia-ing and Rib Fest-ing and general merriment, I woke up yesterday morning for work, took a shower, got dressed, packed my lunch, and then realized that I had come down with something.

So I threw on some sitting pants and settled in for a long day of hot tea and everything that the E! network had to offer (which turns out to be programming about the Kardashians and also, shows on ruthless killers).

Not sure what was causing the malady, allergies or a virus, I decided to stay on the safe side by taking medication for both of these conditions.

Which resulted in feeling like I was walking around in a fog all day.

Anyway, this morning I’m back, and my illness/allergies/whatever this thing is has evolved so that I feel better, but now have the privilege of sounding like a man.

Good thing I have two conference calls today, so that I may show off my new pipes.

It’s lozenges and tea for me chicks.

I’m kicking this thing in the next 24 hours- there’s nothing worse than wasting precious summer time on a stupid cold.

Also, I have some concerns about my internal organs if I keep myself on this OTC drug regimen much longer.

And now, I’m off to give it another go–check you later, chickens.


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