Cold baby.

This rain is doing nothing for me, chickadees.

My head is stuffy and I suspect this will be day two of just quite making it through work.

Also, I haven’t seen a workout since Sunday.

My head is stuffy, my legs are jell-o.

I think that could maybe be the start of a song.

Anyway, last night LW, my sister-in-law to be, came over and we ate taco salads and talked about things like kickboxing and the pool of Republican candidates for president.

We’re a diverse crowd.

Up today, if I can make it to prime time, is dinner with JW and accompanying him to see The Hangover 2, which I am hoping at least causes me to laugh, thus enabling me to ignore this ridiculous cold for a couple of hours.

You guys, I am the biggest cold-baby on the face of the earth.

I’ll probably throw a tantrum later on, should I muster up the energy for it.

In the meantime though, I’m off to search for my umbrella and locate my cough drops.

Keep yourselves away from the summer cold chickadees, it is absolutely no good.

And if it happens to catch you, I’ve got an economy sized bag of cough drops I’m more than willing to share.



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One response to “Cold baby.

  1. I hope you like Hangover II. It’s very much like the first one. But hey… if it ain’t broke…

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