into the great wide open

Ahh, a Friday.

I have high hopes for this day, chickens.

I’m headed to work, and then hitting the road with JW and Ky to get to Michigan, grab some sleep, and start up with my bridal-y appointments tomorrow morning, bright and early.

My concerns are mainly around the flower selection portion of the day, which I suspect will end with me in a sweaty mess, backing away slowly and saying “Whatever you think.”

I’m a bride without a vision.

Hopefully these guys can do something with that.

My plan is to reward myself with a float in my parents’ pool and maybe a mason jar of some kind of delicious beverage.

Although that may be ill advised, as my cold still appears to be in the throes of death.

Give it up runny nose, I’m over you.

I promise to be back with pictures of the country, a better attitude, and maybe, if I’m lucky, a little bit of GD vision.

I hope for the best my friends.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!



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