Illumination Night

June 21st is here, chickens.

Which means that it is officially summer.

Which means that I would love to be spreading out on my deck with an Alice Hoffman book and a glass of iced tea.

Alas, that is not the way things seem to be panning out this morning.

It’ll have to wait for the weekend.

Last night I did not get to my long sought after run, but did get to a lovely, long walk with my pal CJ around the neighborhood. I had forgotten what it looked like around here when there’s not a game raging on at Wrigley, so it was nice to get to it without the 50,000 extra guests milling around Clark Street.

After easing back into the workout pattern after this everlasting cold, I’m ready to hit the tread tonight to see if my legs remember how to go faster than a strolling pace.

I’ll report back.

Also last night, I came back to catch the end of the Cubs vs. Sox, which had a nice Cubs-win-this-one ring to it.

I also can’t resist laughing when Ozzie gets ejected out for kicking things.

Sorry- but you know my opinion’s biased over here. I’m hoping for a couple more Cubs’ wins in the next few days to queue up my good mood for the weekend.

And with that, I’m off to hit the public transit- have a good one chickadees!





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