Eateries and laps.

Ok, so we’ve hit the middle of the week.

Things are only looking up from here.

Last night, my run was thwarted again, although this time was because of an unexpected dinner with my parents, so I was more than willing to postpone my triumphant (or not) return to my mileage.

My father was in the mood for a sandwich (when is a Palluzzi not in the mood for a sandwich, I ask? Never.) so we headed to Northdown Cafe, a new craft beer/sustainable food restaurant that just opened in my ‘hood.

It was delicious. You must get there as soon as possible. The sandwiches were huge (mine included both roasted red peppers, roast beef, and ciabatta bread), and they have a white bean dip that I could literally eat a vat of for a snack.

In addition, their list of beers is huge, and the vibe is chill and relaxed.

Chillaxed, if you will.

Anyway, I certainly got my fill of fries and German beer, so I left a happy girl.

Then I woke up this morning and saw the final score of the Sox v. Cubs game.

I’m blaming it on the storms, in case you’re wondering.

And hoping for a better outcome in today’s game.

This morning, I finally dragged my lazy self out of bed for a return to the Y, where I swam about three quarters of a mile before running out of time.

And running out of breath, if we’re being honest about this.

At least I had the lane to myself.

Tonight I’m planning on hitting up some yoga, and then tomorrow (I promise) I’ll make a daring attempt to return to the treadmill.

I’m not sure my legs are ready to move faster than a brisk walk, but I’m willing to run them into submission.

Keep cool, chickens, and have a good day.




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2 responses to “Eateries and laps.

  1. I finally gave up and had to go to bed before the end of the game.

    It’s starting to concern me how much baseball I’m watching that doesn’t involve the Cardinals.

    I blame my cable company for not airing more STL games…

  2. Kira

    Thanks for the tip about Northdown Cafe! I live in the ‘hood too and have been curious about that place. Now I’m in a hurry to try it out!

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