splayed elbows and cool running.

I can smell the weekend.

But still, a little ways to go before we get there.

Last night, Ky and I reacquainted ourselves with a little yoga, trying to contort our body into positions they had obviously forgotten.

And you guys, I still can’t get my arms to do this, no matter what I try:

What’s up with that? Is there something wrong with my joints? Is it just my inability to possess one ounce of motor skills? Every time I try the position, the following happens:

1. I sort of end up just doing a push up, which means my arms splay out more than they’re supposed to.

2. I fall on the ground and give up.

I need a pose consultant who can come to my home and wrench my arms into position.

Any takers?

Other than that though, getting back to it was a good idea, and I finished feeling stretchier than when I started.

We rewarded ourselves with big plates of vegetable curry, and these new mini ice cream cones from TJ’s which are pretty much the best thing ever.

Except giant ice cream cones, probably.

I’m working on the self restraint thing though.

This morning I got myself up early again, and did a sort-of-acceptable run at the gym.

It occurs to me that with the 8k Bastille Day run coming up, I might benefit from taking my legs outside and running them on some pavement.

But it’s hot, says a voice in my head.

A whiny voice.

It’s probably going to be hot the day of the race too. You should probably practice running in the heat, says a wiser voice.

I’ll let you know who wins, and in the meantime, I’m sticking to the air-conditioned Y.

Have a good Thursday, chickadees!



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  1. I will come over and fix your arms. Try to do it with your knees down first, so you can feel where your arms SHOULD be.

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