The case of the stolen chorizo.

Last night was round two of let’s-get-back-to-yoga.

It was a trying situation.

Basically, we were a sweaty, unbalanced mess.

But we got through it without throwing something at the television when Jillian Michaels said things like “I want you to get uncomfortable with being uncomfortable.”

I want you to shut your mouth so I can concentrate while I’m doing elbow planks, friend.

I might have to start doing the workout on mute.

In any case, post workout we were starving, and decided to try an adventure in Fake Meat.

Ky had texted me from work letting me know that she had to make an “emergency fake meat stop” because it appeared that her soy chorizo had been snatched out of her work refrigerator.

Have people no manners? And who else wants a hunk of soy chorizo besides us, anyway?

It was an experiment, chickadees.

After Ky secured her second package of soy chorizo, we set to the task of making up some kind of lettuce cups filled with soy chorizo and vegetable goodness.

Soy Chorizo. It was actually delicious, and spicy.

The final verdict? These were delightful. We basically, as the pictures show, used onions, red & green peppers, soy chorizo cut into bite sized pieces, corn, fire-roasted diced tomatoes, and corn and sauteed the whole mess together.

We also added some cumin and chili powder, for good measure.

After spooning these into lettuce leaves, we topped with crumbled queso fresco (amazing, by the way), sour cream, and salsa.

They were ridiculously messy. Like, you might need someone to hose you down afterwards messy.

But delicious, nonetheless. I’d go home and make these right away if I was you.

Especially if I happened to have some stolen soy chorizo in my fridge.



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