five good things: stretch out the weekend edition.

Chickens, the long weekend is here.

Well, almost.

But today’s work schedule barely counts.

And so, in honor of the 4th of July and a nice long break from work, I give you five good things:

1. Last night I decided I should take a run this morning while I was watching True Life: I hate my roommate (yes, that show still exists, and yes, it’s still trashy. There was nothing else on, don’t judge). However, by the time I tumbled into bed, I was pretty sure I would cop out when 5:45 rolled around this morning.

Much to my delight (dismay?) I woke up exactly at 5:45 without an alarm, threw on my sneakers, and took off down Addison Street. I only got in about three miles, but really, that’s nothing to sneeze at on a soon to be ridiculous hot Friday morning.

2. I have serious, patriotic plans to get myself a Moody Burger and some sangria this weekend. Really, I can’t think of one thing that could stop me. If you’ve never been, I suggest you go wait at the doors until it opens today and then park yourself in the beer garden for several hours.

3. Tonight I feast my eyes on a band from my youth, and sit on the lawn at Ravinia. I’m trying to ignore that it’s supposed to be 100 degrees. In any case, Adam Levine probably looks even better when he’s sweating.

I met Maroon 5 once, when JD and I were seat fillers at the MTV Europe awards in Rome.

Adam was actually kind of douchy, but it was 2004, and he probably had a bigger head then. I forgive him this transgression.

4. Two words: Flag Cake. Barefoot Contessa’s, to be specific. A ridiculous tradition which always ends in a good picture and too much cake.


5. It’s America’s birthday, chickadees! Which means a weekend full of bbqs, an extra day off, and a bunch of Freedom Loving.


And I’ll catch you during the long weekend!



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2 responses to “five good things: stretch out the weekend edition.

  1. One day, if I ever work later again so that I can run in the mornings, I may see you running down addison… lol. We cap give each other a high five as we run past!

    Adam Levine makes me wanna do dirty things.

    Did I just say that?

  2. I have been listening to Maroon 5 all morning, and I’m with you! 🙂 Also, a high five might be just the thing I need to pick up the runs!

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