tri-ing again.

Chickens, I’ve been up way too long.

But on the plus side, I met up with CJ and JK and we took ourselves on a the-sun’s-just-up bike ride along the lake.

Which was really quite lovely, even considering the fact that my legs are feeling a little bit more like jell-o than my legs at the moment.

And that I was forced to wear my embarrassing tri-shorts because of a laundry situation I’m having.

They’re not as embarrassing when you’re doing something more legitimate in them, like training for a triathlon.

When you’re struggling to stay on the bike and you’ve woefully neglected riding for the past ten months, it’s a little embarrassing.

Up today- is anyone else extremely excited that it’s already Thursday? There’s nothing like a nice, short week to get things moving in the right direction. I’m spending the weekend in Waterloo, relaxing and crossing off some wedding items (like maybe finally ordering myself some invites??) and having my first wedding shower.

I have been assured that this event will include cake, friends, food, and family, and so I’m pretty sure that bodes well for me.

Things are looking up, chickadees.

But now, in a state of perpetual lateness, I’m off to try and get to a meeting scheduled for 9:00.

Why 9:00 AM meetings exist I’m not really sure.

I’m just sure that they result in missed coffee opportunities and rushing around the downtown area on foot.

Catch you guys later!





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