i feel the earth move under my feet.

This morning, I was up early for a variety of reasons, but the planned reason was to take myself on a bike ride with CJ.

We’re back to our old tricks, which I think is definitely an improvement.

My bike has missed me, I think.

We made our way downtown, with the lake and the city as our backdrop.

It was lovely.

We turned around at our usual spot, and headed back, anticipating an easy ride back.

For some reason, we always seem to be faster on the way home.

But today, this was not the case.

Chicago’s biting winds decided to pick up instead, which basically meant that we were fighting just to stay on our bikes all the way home.

I felt like I’d won some kind of war by the time I got safely home.

Remind me to check out a forecast next time I decide to take my bike out of its safe, non-windy home.

Up tonight is making some kind of dinner (as shower leftovers and Piece pizza have been the thing around here, this week), doing yoga, and getting ready for two important events occurring tomorrow:

1. Running an 8k that I have absolutely not prepared for properly.

Does making a sweet playlist count as preparation?

If not, I’ve got nothing to show and we’ll just see what happens.


Sorry, had to get that out.

But really, it’s going to be awesome.

And no, I’m not going in costume.

Check you chickens later!



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