5gt: It’s a brand new week edition


I’ve had such a busy, lovely weekend that I didn’t get a chance to check in.

And now, in the spirit of continuing the feel-good mood the weekend brought on, I bring to you, five good things.

1. Today I’m hitting the lake for a swim for the first time in 2011. I’ve got my wetsuit packed up, and I’m ready to remember how much harder lake swimming is than lap swimming.

I have high hopes for this swim. As long as I don’t drown, anyway.
2. This weekend, my friends and I hit up the Old St. Pat’s festival, which was so fun.

Also, apparently it’s a place to meet a man. The memo definitely went out, since I saw the ladies of Chicago dressed in their finest, despite the fact that it was one million degrees.

God Bless Them. I was sporting flip flops.

Anyway, we also caught both Mat Nathanson and the Barenaked Ladies in concert.

And drank giant cups full of white wine.

All around awesome.

3. I’ve got a new book in my paws, and after reading yet another weirdo John Irving book last week, I’m ready for something new (although oddly, I think I love John Irving novels, despite the bears and strange sexual relationships).

The Yiddish Policemen’s Union: A Novel

I literally know nothing about this, but the author was recommended to me by a friend, and I’m willing to try anything once, so I’ll keep you posted.


4. JW came back from Michigan with his high school collection of CDs. Which means that the 90s tunes downloads will continue on our computer. And we all know I love nothing more than jams from the 90s.
5. I have 3 more episodes of Weeds to check out on this disc of Netflix. During a week when it’s supposed to be unbearably hot pretty much every day, what could be better than curling up in the AC and watching Nancy Botwin try to get out of her latest drug dealing gone wrong escapade? Nothing my friends, nothing.


Have a good one, chickens, and enjoy your Monday!


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One response to “5gt: It’s a brand new week edition

  1. I have tried to read that book twice and cant get through it. Let me know how it goes!!

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