in a heap.

It’s heating up around here, chickadees.

Which means I’m moving all workouts inside until further notice.

Last night Ky and I yoga-d it out in my air conditioned living room, which really didn’t seem to stop us from sweating profusely.

However, while we’re far from mastering it, we did each manage to prop ourselves up into this Crow position for about one.five consecutive seconds:

I mean, it didn’t really look like that (yet!) but you get the idea.

I’m not ready to take pictures of what it actually looks like when I do that. It’s not pretty. I have a theory that if it was earlier in the DVD, I would have a shot. However, by the time Jillian asks you to prop your knees on the backs of your arms, I’m so sweaty that my knees slip right off and I fall into a heap on the mat.

Lots of moves end like that for me, actually.

In any case, we did it for almost two seconds, and that’s a victory.

Then we celebrated by making a sage pesto pasta that tasted like fall and made us forget it’s eighteen million degrees outside.

This morning I hit the pool nice and early, and proceeded to swim a mile, once again without the aid of my trusty contact lenses.

Apparently my depth perception was a little off too, as I noticed I was swimming straight into the ends of the lanes more frequently than usual.

I’m only on contact lockdown for a few more days though, so hopefully I can keep myself from getting injured until then.

Anyone want to take any bets on that?

Me neither.

And now, it’s off to face the 95 degree weather and the prospect of melting on the way to work.

This should be an interesting journey, chickens.

Have a lovely Wednesday!



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