almost at the end.

So today it’s cooled off.

A little bit, anyway.

This morning though, to be on the safe side (both because of my current eyewear sitch and the still-dangerously hot temps), I took my run inside on a treadmill, where no cars could hit me.

It was a good decision.

Last night though, I decided to finally trek to the library to pick up my seventeen million books on hold, and the extra two blocks there and back nearly killed me.

The sweat situation would have been embarrassing, except that everyone had one.

The library, however, is a pillar of society not only for its information sharing, but also because it knows that the only thing better than books is books and the A/C blasting.

It was a refuge in a difficult time.

Anyway, I’m so glad it’s Friday, and that I’m only staring down eight hours in my cube (which I will not even complain about, as it is air conditioned there), and then I’m free for the weekend.

Except that tomorrow JW and I are headed to pre-cana, which is essentially a church class they make you take to get married.

I have many thoughts about this, but I’ll wait until post tomorrow to share them.

This should be interesting.

Also up tonight: more Weeds because I am straight up obsessed, and making waffles on our new waffle maker.

Please tell me this will go better than making pancakes, which usually ends with me in tears and with a breakfast menu in my hands.

Catch you later chickadees!


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One response to “almost at the end.

  1. No power outage for you? Lucky duck…

    LOVE Weeds. It’s seriously one of my favorites. And I have yet to see the newest season and almost killed my friend when she started talking about it last weekend…

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