spinning into it.

Spinning is no joke, chickens.

If anyone asks you, make sure you tell the truth.

Not a joke.

However, it felt good to work out in a cool, dark room with jams blasting.

And then there was all the sweating, of course.

Ahh, I’ve missed a spin class.

Also, I missed how much my glutes hurt after a good spin class.

Just joking. I’d rather be able to sit.

This morning, I woke up for a relaxing swim, which got a little frantic when I realized both the pairs of my goggles were faulty, and basically, water poured into my goggles for the one mile duration of the swim.

Better luck next time, I guess.

Tonight JW and I are heading out to cross off a few things from our list, including finding him a wedding ring and getting him to the theater to see Harry Potter.

Yes, I am just as excited to see it the second time around. There may have been a Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family this weekend and I may be on a Harry Potter watching kick.

Hypothetically, that is.

It can only last so long anyway, since next week starts my favorite holiday of the year:


It’s a good week to have a television with HD.

And now I’m off to hit the cube a little early this morning- have a good one chickadees!






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One response to “spinning into it.

  1. My roommate and I are super excited about shark week! Holla’!

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