At the middle.

Chickens, it’s Wednesday!

And the week keeps chugging along.

Today’s big thing is that I can finally put my contacts back in, and thus, can see the world around me.

Which hopefully means my next bike ride won’t end in a near collision.

Here’s to hoping.

Last night JW and I came up empty on the hunt for a Wedding Ring (although he showed me a few options featuring colored gemstones in a rainbow pattern…no thanks), so the journey continues.

Who knew there were so many man rings hanging around the Chicago area?

Yeah, me neither.

59 days to secure one.

59 days?! How did that happen? I should probably get on those invites, huh?

Also last night, we went to see Harry Potter again, which was great, as I spent the night swooning over Neville yet again.

If given the chance, I think I would use this cloudy day to host a Harry Potter marathon, but alas, I think it might be frowned upon.


Tonight my plans are to get in a run (inside, since it threatens to be 800 degrees out again), catch up on my Jennifer Weiner (not as good as her first couple titles, in case you were wondering, but still fast and easy), and maybe sticking stamps to some invites.

My life, it is full of glamour.

And now it’s off to my cube for the remainder of the day- have a good one chickadees!



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