holy mackerel.

This weekend was lovely, filled with high tea and good friends and nice weather.

And also, with whole fish.

Mackerel, to be specific.

Last night Ky and I were feeling ambitious (and also hungry) so we headed to Dirk’s (which never lets us down) to see what we could find.

This is what we found.

After doing a little light research (for ideas only, since we actually know nothing about cooking whole fishes), we decided to stuff the fish with herbs and lemons, salt it, and throw it on the grill. Which is what we did.

We grilled the fish alongside som delicious corn from the farmers’ market, and also made this delightful squash, eggplant, and pepper bake.

There was also a lot of cheese.

Which generally makes everything more delicious.

It looks like we didn’t get a good shot of the squash bake though, but I assure you, it was awesome. The worst part was that after slicing through a half dozen squash, my hands developed a strange rash.

Which Ky told me was a thing.

I didn’t believe her, so I looked it up. It is, in fact, a thing.

But through intense research (and my own experience), it goes away the next day and doesn’t actually mean you can’t eat the squash, which is a relief.

We finished our mackerel with a sauce of oregano, parsley, lemon, olive oil, hot pepper, and garlic, and it was pretty much the best result we could have hoped for.

We also had to hack off the fishies’ heads.

Which Ky took video of.

Which I’m not posting here today, because quite frankly, I think we’ve seen enough of us hacking the heads off of things.

One final point: in the battle of dull kitchen knife vs. cleaver, the cleaver wins.

It’s no contest.

Have a good one chickens!



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