five good things: high holidays edition

It’s supposed to be 95 degrees out again today, and also, I think I’ve jacked up my shoulder, probably from an overdoing of kettlebells and yoga-ing and lake swimming.

So even though I like all those things, I’ll have to take another break today, since not being able to get into a pair of pants without assistance is probably a sign that you should cool it.

Yes, Mom, I’m listening to my body.

And it says, let you arm dangle uselessly by your side.

Fine, I will.

In any case, despite this ridiculous August weather, and my irritating injury, I have decided to stick with the bright side of things, and thus, I bring you five good things on this sweltering morning:

1. It’s a a short week for me. And any week that’s only 4 days is a success in and of itself, if you ask me.

2. At the end of this short week, I’m headed to CT to see all my delightful family and friends who I do not get my hands on nearly enough. I’m so excited to spend some time with cousins and aunts and grandparents and uncles and pizza and seafood (they’re like family to me, really). East Coast, here I come!

3. Tomorrow = JW’s birthday. And thank God, since I was starting to feel old. In honor of his 27th birthday, we’ll be toasting with beer and fish&chips at Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro. Now I just have to work a birthday cake in there somewhere, and we’ll be all set.

4. It’s SHARK WEEK. Shark Week, in case you know nothing about me, is my favorite holiday. So far, I’ve been treated to Jaws Comes Home, Rogue Sharks, and Summer of the Sharks. All a good start to my favorite week to have HD.

Beware the bull shark, chickens. It can get in your lake.


5. I’ve already gotten a couple of response cards back in, which means JW and I won’t be hanging out at our wedding solo. Now I’m really starting to get excited to see all my friends/families in a month and a half.

A month and a half?!

When did that happen?

Stay tuned for the month of the wedding, chickadees, and please, bear with me.

Have a good Tuesday, chicks!



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3 responses to “five good things: high holidays edition

  1. I watched Summer of the Shark or whatever last night.

    Won’t lie- in HD it’s quite terrifying!

  2. JD

    was it my response? I sent mine… šŸ™‚

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