on my way

And for me, this is the end of the week.

I just have to hunker down for the day.

Last night, in an attempt to be organized, I threw some clothes into a duffel bag and called myself packed for my trip.

I have a bathing suit and a pair of jeans, and in my experience, this covers a multitude of situations.

I’m hoping for the best.

Tonight, courtesy of JW, I have some advanced screening tickets to see The Help, which was a book I really enjoyed, and a movie I’m hoping will be up to par.

Emma Stone’s in it, and she generally doesn’t disappoint, so I have high hopes.

I’ll let you know of my findings post viewing.

Then tomorrow it’s off to spend the weekend in a blur of family, friends, and food.

Is there anything better?

I didn’t think so.

My goals include getting my hands on some fried clams, pizza, and taking a long, hard look at the ocean.

Lake Michigan, you can do only so much for my salt-water loving upbringing.

I’m looking forward to the real deal in my grasp.

I hope everyone else looks forward to a lovely (cooler!) weekend- have a good one chickens!


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One response to “on my way

  1. sorellaaglio

    I loved the Help. We saw and advanced screening back in April and it was AMAZING. Get ready to cry, cry, cry!

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