parasols and pretty things.

Last night I had a dream that I wore the wrong wedding dress to the ceremony. I didn’t notice until after, and then I was a hot mess as I sent my parents off in search of the real one.

I predict this means we’re getting close to wedding time.

But I’d like my dreams to stay out of my business, please.


Yesterday morning, I took to Stanley’s with a bunch of other lovely Chicago bloggers (such as Amy, Laura, Megan, and Paige, who had just finished a half marathon. Love it). Stanley’s has moved so high up my list since I found out that their brunch includes both fried chicken AND mac & cheese. It was great to chat with a bunch of other funny, interesting bloggers, and thanks to Amy for including me- what a fun way to spend a Sunday morning.


Yesterday I asked Ky to help me with my One Wedding Craft.

As you all know, I am terrible at a craft. My hands don’t do what my head tells them to, and I usually end up zoning out in front of a glue stick, wondering why I tried in the first place.

I assumed it was going to be that kind of day after Ky and I went to a very humid Michael’s and I nearly had a breakdown in the wedding decor aisle.

The last thing I remember is holding up a lace parasol and wondering how on earth it came to exist.

Ky came to my rescue and steered me to the craft scissors.

Once we got home and settled into my kitchen table, I explained my vision to my far craftier friend.

Since JW and I are getting married in Michigan and not our beloved city of Chicago, I wanted to somehow subtly add some Second City back into the decor.

So, I took one of my favorite books (and MC- it’s perfect that this book is over the top Chicago-y for this crafting purpose), The Time Traveler’s Wife, and cut out letters from particularly good bits of text.

Then we laid those on top of colored paper.

And after a few hours of passage searching, stenciling, cutting, and gluing, this is how it ended:

I’m pretty excited about the end result, and would like to report that I not only picked out all the passages, but also cut out all the ones (easiest stencil), and cut out all those squares of paper (after Ky carefully measured them of course).

The point is, I’ve crafted.

Check that off my Bride-T0-Do list and let’s start the week, chickens.



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3 responses to “parasols and pretty things.

  1. You did it!

    Not gonna lie- you were explaining was was going to go down and I got a little anxious for you… lol

  2. sorellaaglio

    Love it! So pretty. Also see! You can craft. xo.

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