wedding dresses and licensing problems.

Chickadees, it’s hump day.

I’m determined to stay positive about this though.

Moving along, last night I headed to Final Dress Fitting, and was pleased to find that it seemed to fit properly.

Which means I won’t be flashing anyone at my wedding.

A definite positive.

Also yesterday, I called the state of Michigan to make sure I had the hours right to pick up my marriage license.

JW and I have a lot coming up, and a short window of time, so we were hoping to grab it right before Labor Day weekend.

Just call to make sure they’re open, said JW, the responsible one.

My plan was just to tell him I did it, since why on earth would they not be open the Friday before Labor Day? It was ridiculous.

But like my cherry loving friend George Washington, I cannot tell a lie, so I thought I’d indulge his overly cautious tendencies.

Oh sorry, we’re not open, said the woman cheerfully.

Shit. It is in these situations that I realize it’s a good thing I’m marrying a man who thinks of these things.

So in order to make the whole thing legal, JW and I are heading to Michigan on a random Sunday, spending the night, picking up the license (and bringing any and all forms of official anything with us- we only get one shot at this, so perhaps I’ll be bringing my long form birth certificate as a precaution) and then heading back to Chicago.

The Palluzzi-Wagenschutzs hate to make things too easy, you know.

It keeps things interesting, anyway.





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One response to “wedding dresses and licensing problems.

  1. Grace Hendricks

    It’s not easy sweetie. I am sure you will get everything done on time. Don’t fret…Love you…

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