This morning, I went for a swim.

When I got to the gym, after struggling into my ridiculous suit (seriously, I’ve never met a suit with less give), I hopped into a fairly empty pool and got down to it.

I finished the first couple laps without too much of a struggle, good since I haven’t been swimming in over a week.

And then, I noticed I was swimming next to a Crazy Person.

It was a fairly big guy, swimming both noisily and messily (is that even a thing, mess-ily?) in the lane to the left of me. He was splashing all over the place, creating waves, and flip turning so forcefully that he was causing a mini tsunami, which then sent me careening across my lane.

Thankfully, my lane was empty, so this just meant swimming against the current, salmon style.

I would liken him to some kind of thrashing shark.

Maybe even a small killer whale, after being provoked.

It definitely made things more interesting, to say the least.

There’s nothing like riding a wave in the pool before sunrise.

After awhile, the great white shark impersonator exited, and I had the pool to myself for awhile.

Then around six thirty, the Y turned into a pool party, complete with full lanes and intense swimmers.

Luckily, I was almost finished by then, and decided to get out of there.

The pool was a strange place today.

I’ll stay a landlubber for awhile, thanks very much.



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  1. ha ha… it’s like free resistance training…

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