gearing up and getting out

I am so glad I made it to Friday.

For some reason, this week it feels like I survived some sort of ideal.

I’ll get back to you later on exactly what that means.

In any case, I’m gearing up to spend the weekend hanging with the Chicago Riot and their gang of merrymen at the annual bar crawl.

I expect nothing less than a good time.

Nothing more, either, I guess.

Last year I ended up walking around in a pair of bunny ears affixed to a headband.

I don’t really remember how I managed to snag them.

Or why they were there.

But that’s not really the point, is it?

Other than that, my plans are to try and keep my house from exploding with home goods, work on some wedding things (which is basically a constant to-do until September 25th), and gear up for my big trip next week.

What big trip, you ask?

CJ and I are headed to Big Sky Country (otherwise known as Montana) to celebrate our friend JK’s wedding.

I have big plans for the Wild, Wild West, including rafting, hiking, and dancing until my feet fall off.

Stay tuned for more on that, chickens.

And now I’m off to give my last eight hours to the gods of the cubicles.




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