ready or not…here comes crazy.

All right, chickadees, I’m admitting several things to you this morning.

My father uploaded a bunch of music to my computer this weekend, and I’m currently listening to Abba.

I can’t help it. I love those Swedish pop sensations.

Also, last night I think I may have had my first bridal breakdown.

Apparently this happens to everyone. You start to feel like a crazy person over ONE SINGLE DAY even though you are very organized and mostly have EVERYTHING FIGURED OUT.

Except that I am a low key bride. I don’t even like the word bride, actually. I’m a low key woman who happens to be planning a wedding that she happens to be participating in.

I don’t have bridal breakdowns. I’m too chill.

Yeah, I just said chill.

I should have known this no-stress approach would fail my high strung personality at some point.

And fail it did.

It actually started last night with a dress I tried on.

The dress zipped. This should have indicated that what comes next could not, in reality, have been that bad.

I opened my pantry door (yes, my full length mirror is in my pantry- portion control? I don’t know, it came that way), and decided I wasn’t pleased with what I saw. After a full night of sleep and a four mile run this morning, I’m not sure I really even remember what it looked like, but that didn’t seem to matter at the moment.

What came next can only be described as a ridiculous downward spiral, complete with crazy text messages to Ky and a confrontation in which I asked JW how on earth he could have let me become rhino sized without telling me.

Like I said, it wasn’t pretty.

And somehow trying on this dress (which is not actually my wedding dress) threw me into a frenzy about the entire wedding.

I also may or may not have taken to a bridal discussion forum, which merely made things worse.

Especially because it seemed to be hosting a number of Tigger obsessed bride-to-bes.

Weddings, it seems, can make you act like an insane person.

Now that I’m fully rested, I would like to note that yes, I realize I’m not actually the size of rhino, and maybe I’ll try on that dress again tonight.

We’ve got 31 days to go chickadees, and it seems things are just starting to get exciting.

Stay tuned.




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3 responses to “ready or not…here comes crazy.

  1. Oh hun… I’m sorry it’s starting to get to frenzy time. I’ve been in enough weddings to know you were due for at least a mini breakdown. And I”m sure the dress looks fantastic. You were probably just at the point where about anything was going to make you snap. Meltdowns happen to the best of us. (ahem- I may have had one in the middle of downtown last tuesday. It was a disaster!)

  2. Now, I’ve never been a bride, but I have been a bridesmaid 12 times so I think this qualifies me to dispense advice in this arena. 🙂 That being said, I believe the number of meltdowns you are allowed grows exponentially as the actual wedding date draws near. Also, they don’t expire so feel free to use any you may have stockpiled in one sitting. It’s okay – trust me. There’s something about a woman in a white dress – people just can’t stay mad and they’ll forgive you of anything.

    P.S. – A Tigger-obsessed bridal forum? That’s nightmare-inducing!

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