up, up and away.

This quick week is really doing the trick for me.

I wouldn’t mind a three day work week every week, actually.

I suspect I’m not alone in that.

This morning I slept in until the late hour of 7:00 AM, which was pretty much the best thing that’s happened this week.

Sometimes a girl needs her beauty sleep.

Up tonight is frantic packing for Montana (I’m not sure what one is supposed to pack for the wild west. Mountain climbing gear? Cowboys boots? I’m not sure I have those things hanging out in the back of my closet), and one more go at the gym before a day full of long plane rides and heavy doses of Xanax.

I keep thinking that I might be over my fear of flying, and that maybe I should wean myself off of it, but then I think about how embarrassing I was in my former life to fly with.

The picture is this: knees tucked into my chest, scarf over my head, Lord’s Prayer murmuring until the seatbelt light goes off.

And sometimes the seatbelt light doesn’t go off.

I think I’ll stick with the prescription enhanced experience.

At least then I’m quiet, even if I’m slow moving and maybe more apt to spill than usual.

You do the best you can, with these things.

And now I’m off to get through one last round in the cube for the week.

Have a good one chickens!


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