Adventures in the great wide open

My friends, this has truly been an adventure filled few days. Upon my return home I will hit you with all three gazillion of the photos I’ve snapped, but my iPad and my camera don’t play nice, so you’ll have to wait.


Instead, I’ll break down some of the cooler things that happened yesterday.

We went white water rafting yesterday morning. I’ve always been a salt water snob, but the river was “wild and scenic”‘ which basically meant I’ve never seen such clear running water and beautiful rocks at the bottom. Coupled with being between two beautiful mountains, it was tranquil and serene.

But then there were the white waters. And the big rocks.

We asked our guide how many people usually fell into the water and he assured us that he had only lost one person the whole summer, and that she was quickly brought back into the boat.

I bet you know where this is going.

Not long after, as the guide was explaining to us why he was maneuvering us away from a rock, we hit another one, and CJ went flying back, head into the river. Her feet were wedged in pretty well, so mostly she flailed around until our guide hauled her back up.

We were all relieved.

Then we noticed someone else was missing.

Barbara’s boyfriend had been tossed from the front of the boat, but with the mayhem of CJ’s tumble, the poor guy was left behind.

Eventually, everyone was back in the boat and we made it to land safely.

After that, CJ and I decided our day had not seen quite enough adventure, so we got in the car and headed to Glacier Park.

After briefly being sassed by a park ranger (do we pay here? asked CJ. How else do you think you’re getting in, she replied. Yikes), we headed up the road, stopping at a lovely lake before making it to the so called wimpy, four mile Avalanche Lake hike, and starting it.

We did not think it was wimpy. We thought it was tough, but to be fair, old ladies and children did pass us on the trail.

However, it was another breathtaking couple of hours in the woods, and when we finished we were high off of mountain air and trees.

The only logical next step was to get some huckleberry pie, which we did.

Huckleberry is native to Montana, and as I now consider myself an expert in them, I will tell you that the pie is best eaten at a cute gift shop with a scoop of ice cream.

We basically inhaled the well earned dessert and headed back for much needed showers and dinner.

Without skipping a beat, we headed to Big Fork to meet our last traveling companion, KC, and had dinner at a place boasting the best pizza in Montana.

Everything was delicious, the wine was great, and we laughed for two hours straight and closed down the restaurant.

We climbed into the car and commented that the stars didn’t seem to be as big as we would have expected in Big Sky Country. The consensus was snobby disappointment.

Five minutes later, we were eating our words as we pulled over on the side of the road, staring up at the brightest sky of stars we’d even seen.

A shooting star! proclaimed CJ.

It was an airplane.

Despite our adventuring ways, we’re still a pack of city kids.

Who have more adventures (and a wedding! Congrats JK!) to get to today, so I’m off to get to it, chickens! Enjoy your weekend!


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