where you invest your love/you invest your life

How on earth can it be both September and one million degrees out there?

I feel like these things are completely in conflict with each other.

I miss the non-humid, mountain air.

I promise that I’ll stop talking about Montana at some point.

However, today will not be that day.

Last night, despite my best attempts to enjoy the breeze from outside, I had to concede to the air conditioner.

There was really nothing else to do.

Also last night, I made my way back to the gym, where I decidedly took out my stress on the treadmill.

It had been awhile since I’d run with such a sense of purpose, and it felt good.

4.5 miles later (slowly, but completed), I felt like I’d exhausted my supply of negative energy.

And I remembered that I don’t love running because of the competition against myself, or because of my collection of race t-shirts, or because it helps me keep those pesky five pounds at bay (although let’s be honest, that’s a plus when you like to order items titled “Mac & Cheese Gnocchi”).

It’s because I love the way that running pushes all the stress right out of my body and manages to harness all the good things going on.

It clears my head and focuses my attitude.

And when I got home, I sat at an actual table with JW, ate a dinner that wasn’t brought to me by a waitress, and completed various tasks I’d set out to achieve.

And I still had time for an episode of Bridezillas, chickadees.

Life is all about balance.

I’ll be taking myself for the Run: Round 2, this evening.

Let’s hope the endorphins keep marching on.


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2 responses to “where you invest your love/you invest your life

  1. I sort of like this weird and random burst of summer weather we’re having. It’s like a last hurrah…

  2. MB

    …and running always feels soo good when you stop!

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