lessons learned.

Over the past couple of days, things have started to get a little rough around here.

And by rough, I mean that I keep running into things.

Sunday morning, JW and I headed to church (not a common occurrence, but I keep re-trying it out), and despite my years of CCD, I decided that genuflecting (kneeling at the end of the pew for you non-Catholics) halfway on my way out was plenty.

After all, JW had promised me coffee when Mass was over, and it was over.

The priest told us to go in peace.

And get some breakfast, I assumed.

In any case, my lazy genuflecting resulted in me toppling out of the pew and smacking my leg on the armrest.

Either do it or don’t, was the message I got out of that.

Also received: one giant leg bruise.


Last night, I was on a late call in my boss’ office.

Someone was saying something that I disagreed with, and I became, somehow, physically agitated.

I flailed my arms dramatically and went to cross my legs.

I stubbed my toe so hard under my boss’ desk that I started bleeding.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all, was my takeaway there.

Also, one very bruised, mangled toe.


At this point I have decided to focus my energy on the positive, in the hopes that it will cause me less stress.

And also in the hopes that I’ll stop injuring myself long enough to walk down the aisle.

Wish me luck, chickadees.



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3 responses to “lessons learned.

  1. My friend who is coming up to supposedly run a 5k with me in 2 weeks keeps hurting herself- and yesterday sent a pic of her bloody toe from when she walked into the side of a couch. Maybe it’s time for you two to break out the bubble wrap?

  2. Trish

    Lillian starts CCD next week. I am not sure how I feel about it, but the other day she asked us, “What is God?”. Your Uncle replied, “He is like Santa or the Easter Bunny, you never see him, but you know he is around.” Way better then my answer would have been. When I complimented him he said, “Thank you, I AM an educator you know.” And in typical Palluzzi fashion, not unlike her cousin, she ran off with her knowledge, right into the basement door. She is 6, so she bounces right off of stuff still, no harm done.

  3. Grace Hendricks

    Hi Nikki, If you are not safe in church or work you should stay close to home until the wedding. Relax and stay safe. See you soon. Love you.

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