Lazy bones

I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past few nights.

JW’s been pretty congested with some kind of mutant cold, which means that when he breathes in his sleep, it sounds like a rhinoceros attempting a marathon.

Sorry JW, but it does. It won’t last, I hope.

Last night I was up late finishing One Day (I know, I know, I live an exciting life, but really the book took an abrupt turn and I had to see what it was all about. Now I’ll also have to see the movie, of course), but I set my alarm for 5:45 AM so I could finally get to the gym this week.

It’s been a little busy.

Also, I’ve been lacking motivation.

I woke up, predictably, earlier than my alarm, and contemplated my options.

And my excuses.

My toe still hurts.

Go anyway, said a voice.

I’d rather go back to sleep.

At that point, I got up from the couch, noticed I had a considerably cramp in my neck, and decided to brave the rhino.

Back in my own bed, I glared at the clock.

I really need the sleep, I rationalized.

Get up, now, was the final word from my head.

And so I grumbled and got dressed and went to the gym, where despite everything that ailed me I got in a little running and biking.

And I feel much better.

And my toe doesn’t hurt.

And I’m not that tired.

And I’m eating pasta tonight with my lovely friends to celebrate our 7 year anniversary of trekking to Rome and meeting each other.

And that day is off to a great start, chickadees.




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2 responses to “Lazy bones

  1. Karla

    OMG was it really 7 years ago TODAY?! I love you girls! Don’t forget to have some DELICIOUS olives for me! 🙂

  2. I fight a similiar battle with myself pretty much every morning. My ratio of getting my butt out of bed vs. going back to sleep is improving, but somedays the snooze button wins. I have to agree with you though, when I do make myself get up I’m always glad I did. That should be motivation enough, right? But somehow it’s just never quite enough. Sorry you’ve got a rhino in your bed – hopefully JW feels better soon (for both your sakes!)

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