let it be me.

As I sat in my cube yesterday, wading through regular things in what felt like a very irregular day, a cold smacked me right in the face.

I’m not saying this to illicit any additional sympathy (the amount of love I felt yesterday was enough to make me cry all on its own), but I think my body’s trying to communicate to me what my brain has been ignoring.

All of this, it is a lot.

And so, for the next week and a half, my plans are to hug my cousins, smile at my work conference, spend time with my family and friends (who I have never loved quite as much as I do this week), step into a wedding dress and marry the person who’s signed on to stand by my side for the next several decades.

When I say step into, I mean “struggle into,” in the the spirit of honesty.

And now, I’m off to check a few things off my list, and to take some more Vitamin C.

I’m focused on the big picture this week- I think that’s plenty to concentrate on.




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  1. It is a lot! Lots of naps in October!

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