Home Sweet Home

Okay, chickens, I’m back.

And while I had an a-mmmaazzzing week and a half, I must say, I’m feeling pretty home-sweet-home-y.

And, in case you’re not friends with me on Facebook, my blog readers, you might not know that JW and I became minor internet sensations while we were gone.

Because, you see, my bridal party (including me) fell in a lake.

JW thought it would be a cool picture to get us all on his dock.

So did I, for the record.

But then, disaster struck. JW said he had the utmost confidence in the dock.

Then it snapped in half and started sinking.

And the rest is history. The picture was all over the internet, and so was the video, shot by Jennie’s boyfriend Jeff (and awesome, because we have a record of what happened after the dock went down):

While JW and I were hanging out on honeymoon, local news outlets (and Inside Edition- weird, I know) called to ask if they could show the footage.

We declined doing any interviews (because we were kind of busy, you know, hanging out on Martha’s Vineyard), but we let most people use the video/picture if they asked nicely (mostly, they used it even if we said no thanks).

It was pretty fun that the ridiculous, pretty much typical near-disaster blew up the internet (it was on reddit.com, which I had never heard of before last week, and apparently it got nearly 1,000,000 views.  The youtube video is at over 100,000. Bizarre.).

What was not fun was finding out that the internet harbors some pretty crazy people with some middle school level maturity levels.

Obviously I don’t take myself seriously. I generally don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

I fell in a lake, on my wedding day, and my reaction was to laugh my ass off and have a beer.

Because really, what else can you do?

However, there were, of course, a fair share of people who made it their business to share how un-classy I was (even though the Old Milwaukee beer was obviously a “what’s in the fridge” move, not a “I would love to have this at my wedding reception” move), how mean I was to JW (although telling him to towel my legs was a joke, and also, I fell in a lake, people, I think that’s kind of mild compared to what I imagine some bride’s reactions would be), and how giant American women in general are (to which I simply say, you’re  sitting in the dark alone making comments on a website photo of someone’s wedding- get out of town).

So basically, the wedding (both before, during, and after this particular moment) was awesome. We had pretty much the best dance party on the face of the earth, delicious food, and the most fun people ever.

I wish we could do it every weekend.

The Vineyard was also awesome (but I’ll cover that later this week), and still awesome is that it’s only Saturday, I’ve hit up the farm market, and I’m ready to cook something in my kitchen (a novel idea) and celebrate my dad’s birthday tonight.

Bring on October, chickadees, I’ve got a good feeling about this month!



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4 responses to “Home Sweet Home

  1. You guys had ana amazing wedding. Hence the reason I stayed and hour and half PAST my end time. The dock falling was the highlight of my season… and you and your wedding party were amazing to take it in stride. You guys all looked BEAUTIFUL before and after 🙂 XO. thanks for letting me apart of your day.

  2. Welcome home!! I feel sorry for those internet haters, because they are not in on like the funniest jok ever. Can we get “TOWEL MY LEGS! TOWEL THEM!” tee-shirts?

  3. You guys seriously need to frame that pic and put it on your mantle… that is AMAZING!

    Congrats again- sounds like you had a blast!

  4. Wow! I am actually seriously impressed with how you guys handled yourselves- screw all the faceless interwebs haters. And you look beautiful! Congrats on your wedding. 🙂

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