five good things: brand new day edition

So it’s finally back-to-work time.

That went pretty fast.

In an attempt to make this crash landing into reality a little bit softer, I’ll head into the week with five good things.

Because despite the end of two really good weeks, there are still plenty of things to be jazzed up about.

Even though it’s Monday.

I promise.

1. Bears win! Thank God, because one more in the L column and I was headed to MI to buy some Lions gear.

I’m still thinking about it, actually- next week you guys are actually playing the Lions, so it might just be the perfect time to test out a new allegiance.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

Anyway, it was also nice to see my #1 Bear Devin Hester break an NFL record.

Looking good, my friend.


2. Yesterday I actually got some use out of my kitchen. I spent the morning making chicken wrapped in bread, mashed potatoes, roasted beets (and their beet tops, for some reason, using beet tops makes me feel like the Queen of Vegetables), and then I threw together a lentil-chicken sausage-brown rice-escarole-tomato-y soup for good measure.

After a couple weeks of delightful restaurants and eating on the run, it felt good to use my only motor skills to make a few delicious items.

3. I’m headed back to the GD gym today. It’s been far too long, and despite the fact that JW and I did a lot of hiking around the nature trails on MV and rented bikes to ride around the island one day, I think what my muscles actually need is spin class.

And so I’m headed there after work. Nothing like shocking your body back into vigorous exercise.

Also, it’s back to running for me this week. I’m way overdue to pound the pavement for a few miles.

4. Last night, JW and I sat down with our DVR and watched all the Modern Family that has happened so far this season.

And we laughed our asses off and nearly cried when we were finished.

There is nothing on earth funnier than the Dunphy family, and don’t let anyone tell you differently. They are liars.

If you don’t watch this show, I must insist you add it to your list immediately, or I might have nothing else to say to you.

5. Although it was lovely to come back to crisp, fall-like weather after a week of unseasonable high temps in MA, Tom Skilling tells me the weather’s supposed to heat up this week in the Windy City.

I cannot say that I am sad about this.

One more week of flip flops before I transition directly into my Uggs?

Yes, please.

With that, I’m off to get settled into my cubicle early- see you chickens on the other side of this day back at it!



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2 responses to “five good things: brand new day edition

  1. The warmup this week is perfectly justifying my plans for a saturday o’ drinking fun as I watch college football. Don’t judge me.

  2. I’m not ready to put my flip-flops away yet either!

    And I hate to admit it but I have never watched “Modern Family.” I know, I know, I know…I need to get with it! Everyone I talk to loves this show!

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