rounding the bases

So spin was unattainable last night, since I actually got out of work at a reasonable hour and didn’t want to wait around a half hour before class started.

I only have so much willpower.

My television and my apartment are separated by a mere two blocks.

So instead, I hit up the treadmill, where in 45 minutes I busted out exactly 4.29 miles.

So not awesome, except, in my out-of-shape defense, that does include a warm-up and cool-down.

And some pitiful breaks in the middle.

Anyway- not my best showing (but maybe my best wheezing? Gaga had to get up to full volume to mask the noise I was making), but a good starting point as I head into the Dreaded.Winter.Workout.Months.

Not my favorite, but oh so necessary unless I’m planning on hibernating through the Chicago winter.

And hopefully as you are reading this, I’m at the gym for round two of my Return to the Y: Fall 2011 Edition.

It makes for a good start to your day- especially one that ends in 1.5 hours thank-you note writing sessions.

I write slowly.

I want to say nice things.

I’ll probably be finished by my 10th anniversary.

And with that, I’m off to spend my day cube-side and then hopefully, collecting a bounty of free reading material from the CPL.

Bring it on Tuesday. I’m ready for you.

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One response to “rounding the bases

  1. Eww…. thank-you notes. My friend Annie said it took her over 6 months. I can’t even imagine… ugh…

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