Into the weekend.

So I am soldiering on at the gym, despite the fact that my muscles have just about had it with me. I’ve pretty much used every cardio machine the gym has to offer, and starting today, I’m gonna have to circle back, which ultimately means re-facing the treadmill.

My muscles might have some things to say about that.

They”re not going to be thrilled when I take them to kettlebell on Saturday.

In other news, the temperatures are continuing to climb the closer we get to the weekend, which seems like a pretty good deal, if you ask me.

Probably no one asked me, but that’s never stopped me before.

Up tonight is trying to drag myself to the Y for another session of sweating and moving, and then possibly hitting up the library to finally retrieve my goods.

Although at the moment I am pretty heavily involved with Into Thin Air, which is the true story of a climb-gone-terribly-wrong at Mt. Everest in the mid-90s. It’s by the same guy who wrote Into the Wild (which I read but never actually saw), and so far, it’s action packed, and also, I’m pretty sure, about to get ugly.

I might have to read it with my eyes closed.

Aside from that, the main focus of the day is

I’m sure you feel the same way.

And with that, my chickens, I’m off to make this day happen.

Catch you closer to the weekend!



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3 responses to “Into the weekend.

  1. Ky

    I think my dad read that book, he loved it.

  2. My muscles are getting really thrown off now that I seem to be favoring longer runs in the middle of the week than the weekends (me considering a long run anything above 4 miles… ha). But yes- soldiering through so that I can enjoy the upcoming weekend- can’t believe this weather! I almost feel like working on my tan. Almost.

  3. I loved “Into the Wild” and will definitely have to check out “Into Thin Air.” I have a love/hate relationship with muscle soreness, depending on my mood. Some days I interpret it as a job well done and it motivates me to keep my butt moving. Other days I use it as an excuse to sleep in… 🙂

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